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Brent Gordon South East Idaho Accident Attorney

Southeast Idaho Accident Attorney

Looking for a trusted personal injury attorney in Southeast Idaho? Southeast Idaho personal injury attorney, Brent Gordon, is not afraid to take on the big insurance companies.   Brent Gordon is an aggressive, experienced, and trusted personal injury attorney with years of experience helping Southeast Idaho injury clients recover money from difficult insurance companies who make money by denying, defending and delaying payment of injury claims.

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If you’re looking for a Southeast Idaho personal injury attorney, call Brent Gordon now. Studies show that a personal injury attorney will get injury clients more money than those people who try to handle their personal injury claim on their own. At Gordon Law Firm, we pride ourselves on aggressively maximizing the insurance settlement amount that we recover for our Southeast Idaho injury clients. Our goal is to recover every single dime you are entitled by law to recover for the personal injuries you suffered.

Not only do we want to get you the settlement you deserve for your insurance claim, we also want to get you your money quickly. We are personal injury attorneys who understand that our clients need money quickly to pay for time off work, hospital and medical expenses, and other damages.

We work hard for our clients but do not charge any up front costs or fees. We don’t charge any fees until we win your personal injury case. And, we will advance all costs that are necessary to pursue your claim. So you pay nothing until the case settles.

We are conveniently located in both Idaho Falls and Pocatello so call now and let us start working on your personal injury claim. Call 552-0467 in Idaho Falls or 232-7274 in Pocatello.

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