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Find out how much your claim is worth

Why Choose Brent Gordon?
Brent Gordon Accident Injury Attorney Idaho Falls

Clients want a professional who is friendly, listens to them, cares about their concerns and can help them with their problems. I want to exceed my clients expectations by providing exceptional service. I want my clients to feel comfortable calling me whenever they have questions. I develop long-lasting relationships with my clients by providing competent and caring service.

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Have you been injured in an accident?
5x more with an accident attorney

I can help take the stress out of dealing with a personal injury claim. I can do this without charging you until the claim is resolved because I charge a percentage of your recovery. And the best part is that I can usually get you more money even after my fees are deducted than you could get on your own. On average having an attorney will get you 5 times more than if you represented yourself.

  • "I wish I would have called you sooner!" -- J.B.    
  • "You are really great! I will refer all my friends and family to you if they ever need an attorney." -- L.O.    
  • "You are the nicest attorney I have ever met." -- J.I.    
  • "You did more in one day than my former attorney did in three years." -- R.M.    

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If you received any sort of medical treatment after the accident, you will have to worry about medical bills and health insurance claims as well as auto insurance claims. Auto insurance should cover your medical treatment, but hospitals prefer not to wait to work out who was at fault. If you were not able to give them your health insurance information (if any) when you arrived, they will probably try to bill you personally. You or your lawyer should be able to get the bill sent to the appropriate party...
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  • $12.5 million recovery against a pharmaceutical giant for heart injuries caused by a bad drug
  • $754,000 recovery for client injured from a defective product
  • $283,000 recovery for client whose ankle was injured in a car crash while on her way to Yellowstone National Park
  • $275,000 recovery for client whose neck and back were injured by an old person who ran a stop light
  • $250,000 recovery for a client whose back was injured when a truck driver fell asleep
  • $185,000 recovery for a client who developed a blood clot in his lung after a car crash
  • $165,000 recovery for a client whose back was broken when a driver ran a stop sign
  • $150,000 recovery for a client whose eye and shoulder were injured when a driver t-boned her
  • $110,000 recovery for a client injured on a motorcycle when a school bus tried to pass him
  • $450,000 for client who was injured by a construction truck.
  • $125,000 for client who was hit on her motorcycle.