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Tow Truck Malfunctioned Injuring BystandersA tow truck malfunctioned injuring bystanders in Pocatello according to the Idaho State Police. The tow truck came to assist a stalled vehicle on Center Street. As the driver of the tow truck exited the vehicle, the truck rolled into the stalled vehicle and injured two bystanders from the impact. The driver of the stalled vehicle was taken to a nearby hospital for evaluation of injuries from the impact. Both the driver of the stalled vehicle and a Pocatello police officer were hit from the impact of the truck accident.

Tips to Stay Safe After an Accident

After a car accident, truck accident, or motorcycle accident it may seem natural to exit the vehicle if you are able. However, the safest place to be after an accident is in your car. Better yet, buckled up in your car. Why? When exciting the vehicle on a busy roadway or highway, you are putting yourself in danger of being hit. In 2010, two were killed by a tow-truck after getting out to examine the damage to their vehicles after a car accident.

Of course, there are times when it would be more dangerous to stay inside your vehicle such as if the accident occurred in the flow of traffic. Another reason to get out of the vehicle immediately is if you smell gas. There may be a fuel lead that could lead to a fire or an explosion. Get out immediately!  When you need to get out, do so carefully. Watch for traffic and stay out of the flow of traffic even if you are in a low traffic area.

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