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Motorcycle vs Horse Trailer Accident on State Highway 28Idaho State Police investigated a motorcycle vs horse trailer accident on State Highway 28. A pickup truck pulling a horse trailer attempted to make a left turn from southbound State Highway 28 onto Nicholia Rand Road when a motorcycle attempted to pass on the left. The motorcyclist struck the rear of the pickup truck and came to rest under the horse trailer’s hitch. Due to serious injuries from the motorcycle accident, the motorcyclist was transported by air ambulance to a nearby medical center in Idaho Falls for immediate medical attention. State Highway 28 was blocked for nearly an hour and a half following the motorcycle accident while crews worked to clear the accident. The following are a few rules for passing another vehicle you should keep in mind to stay safe on the road.

Rules for Passing Another Vehicle

Attempting to pass another vehicle creates a risk for yourself and others on the road. Unless passing is completely necessary because of a slow-moving vehicle in front, avoid making unnecessary traffic maneuvers or continuously changing lanes or passing other vehicles.

  1. When it is necessary to pass, the law requires you to only pass on the left (using the left lane). Only pass on the right when absolutely necessary to avoid a traffic hazard and only when it is safe to do so.
  2. When passing a motorcycle, remember to give the bikers the same full land width as other vehicles. Never drive in the same lane as the motorcyclist.
  3. The law requires you to signal at least 100 feet before changing lanes.
  4. Before attempting to pass on a two-lane road, check pavement markings and signs to be sure it is legal to pass.
  5. If another vehicle is attempting to pass you, be courteous by slowing down a bit and allowing them to safely pass.
  6. Check your mirrors and look over your should to be sure traffic is clear before attempting to pass.

When Passing is Illegal

  • A DO NOT PASS sign is on the roadway.
  • The center line on the roadway is a double solid yellow line or there is a solid yellow line on your side.
  • Passing a vehicle traveling at or above the posted speed limit. In order to pass, you would have to go at least 10-15 miles per hour faster.
  • There is not enough time to pass the vehicle in front of you and return safely to your lane before confronting oncoming traffic within 200 feet of your vehicle.
  • You are within 100 feet of a bridge or railroad crossing.
  • You are behind a school bus that is loading or unloading children.

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