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Idaho Worker’s Compensation Claim Do’s and Don’tWhen filing an Idaho worker’s compensation claim, there are things you can do that can help your claim and things you don’t want to do that will hurt your claim. The following do’s and don’ts when filing an Idaho worker’s compensation claim will help your case to go smoothly.

Do’s When Filing an Idaho Worker’s Compensation Claim

Do: Hire an Experienced Worker’s Compensation Attorney

When filing an Idaho worker’s compensation claim you want the help of an experienced attorney to make sure you get the most compensation possible. The experienced, aggressive and trusted worker’s compensation attorneys at Brent Gordon Law Firm will fight for every penny you are owed following a work-related accident. Many people mistakenly believe they can handle their claim themselves. This may be true, but why go through the hassle and take the risk? Many also say they can’t afford to hire an attorney. That’s not true. Brent Gordon Law Firm works on a contingency basis. That means you pay nothing until we win your case. You can afford to hire us.

Do: Follow All Instructions from Your Physician and Attorney

If your attorney or medical professional asks you to do something, do it. These trained professionals are only trying to help you. Do the necessary treatment and therapy as prescribed by your doctor. Not following orders from your physician can hinder your claim. Likewise, listen to your attorney and do what they ask. The experts at Brent Gordon Law Firm know what will make or break a worker’s compensation claim.

Do: Keep Good Records

Keep good records of dates, appointments and medical providers you see so you can start your worker’s compensation claim off right. Medical records and bills are a vital part of a worker’s compensation case. If your case is denied, medical records can be the proof needed to get you a fair settlement amount. Directly after the accident, write down exactly what happened as you remember as it will still be fresh in your mind. Waiting can hurt your case as an insurance company could claim your memory is muffled from waiting too long to create such a record.

Don’ts When Filing an Idaho Worker’s Compensation Claim

Don’t: Settle for a Low Offer

Never settle for a low offer from the insurance company. The insurance company will often offer a low settlement in hopes you’ll take it and want the case to be over. Insurance adjusters are trained like an overbearing salesman to get you to take a low offer. They know you have a good case, and to save the insurance company money, they will offer you a low settlement right off the bat. Don’t take it! Let your attorney fight to get you a fair settlement.

Don’t: Tough Out Your Injury

Sometimes a person won’t realize how severe their injuries really are and they will try to tough it out. This will only hurt your claim. Seek medical attention right away. The medical records obtained by a doctor will help boost your claim and get you a greater settlement offer. Get the medical care you need and follow through with the treatment necessary to heal properly.

Don’t: Get Easily Discouraged

Getting hurt on the job can often bring on more than just physical pain. When an individual is left unable to work due to the injury, they likely will also have to face financial burdens, emotional and physical stress. Don’t worry though. There is hope. Your attitude plays a large part in bouncing back from an industrial injury.

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