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How to Recover After a Slip and Fall AccidentSlip and fall accidents are fairly common. In fact, most people will suffer from a slip, trip, and fall accident at some point in their lives. Slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere and to anybody. It’s important to know what steps to take after a slip and fall accident. This is especially true if the slip and fall was not your fault. By law, homes, buildings, parking lots, and walkways are to be maintained to ensure the safety of everyone.

The following are five steps to take after a slip and fall accident to best help when pursing a personal injury case for the accident.

Visit a Physician

After any accident, it is important to your personal injury claim to be seen by a physician. Medical records can be critical to increasing the value of your claim. Your health is important and should be your main priority. If you’ve been injured, a doctor can properly document those injuries and get you the treatment you need.

Report the Slip and Fall Accident

A slip and fall accident may happen at a store, in a parking lot, or at a friend’s house. No matter where the accident took place, make sure you report it to a manager, owner or landlord. Remember to get the details of the accident in writing. Ask the manager, owner or landlord to make a written report. Then follow through by asking for copy of the document before you leave.


Document everything about the slip and fall accident. Take pictures of where you fell and what caused you to fall. Collect the names, addresses, phone number and email addresses of anyone who witnessed the accident. You also want to write down exactly what you were doing right before the accident, the way you fell, and any other details including the date and exact time. It is also a good idea to place the clothing and shoes you were wearing in a safe storage place to reserve evidence later.

Do Not Give a Statement

When speaking to the property owner or manager, it is important to remain calm and limit your communication. If an insurance company contacts you, decline to give a statement until you have spoken with an attorney. Do not place blame and don’t take the blame either.

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