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Down Power Lines Hit by Semi Truck and Tractor TrailerIdaho State Police reported down power lines in the road on I-15 near the Clark Street exit in Pocatello last Monday. A semi truck driver pulling one trailer hit one of the down power lines. A tractor-trailer also struck the downed lines in the roadway. Officials say one of the power poles caught on fire and fell over bringing down several other power lines in the area. Traffic was blocked northbound and southbound while power crews worked for several hours to fix the situation. No injuries were reported.

How to React When an Obstacle is in the Roadway

All too often things drop off of a truck, a power line goes down, a child runs into the road or any other hazard suddenly appears in front of a moving vehicle. How should you react when there is an obstacle in the roadway to keep you and other drivers from being involved in a car accident?

Avoiding obstacles can only be accomplished when the driver is scanning the road ahead. This is one reason why it is so critical to keep your eyes on the road and be paying attention to the road at all times. As a driver gains more experience, they develop skills to better be prepared for a sudden hazard appearing before them. Constantly be scanning the road ahead and around your vehicle to become better at recognizing any potentially dangerous situations.

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