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Two Injured in Car Crash from Driver Running a Red LightIdaho State Police reported two injured in a car crash from a driver running a red light in Pocatello. The crash occurred when a driver failed to stop at a red light, entering the intersection at a high rate of speed. A passenger vehicle was struck in the intersection. After impact, the vehicle continued and struck a nearby building. Both drivers involved in the car crash were reportedly injured. Only one was wearing a seatbelt at the time of the collision. Both were transported by ground ambulance to a nearby medical center for evaluation of injuries. Idaho State Police is investigating this car crash.

Why Do Drivers Run Red Lights?

56 percent of drivers admit to running red lights part of the time. That’s a large percentage. But why? Most of the time, drivers run a light when it has just barely turned red. For instance, if the driver in front took a bit longer than expected to proceed through the intersection or the driver thinks they can “beat the yellow” and misjudge the timing.

The vast majority of drivers run red lights because they are in a hurry or they are feeling impatient. However, is the risk of a car accident worth arriving two or three minutes later? No. Of course not. Running a red light creates tremendous danger for the driver, passengers, and any other drivers on the road. Even when the driver has an arguably good reason to run a red light, such as an emergency situation, it’s important to avoid the temptation.

Consequences of Running a Red Light

A driver has a split-second to decide if they are going to proceed after the light turns yellow. That leaves little time for the driver to consider the possible life-altering consequences of running a red light. The following are a few consequences of running a red light.

Car Accident Fatalities from Running a Red Light

About 60 people were killed each month in a car accident during 2015 as a result of a driver deciding to run a red light. That amounts to over 800 fatalities per year or about two fatal car accidents each day in America from a driver running a red light.

Significant Injuries from Running a Red Light

An accident from someone running a red light typically involves the vehicle moving at a high rate of speed. Red light running accidents usually result in a “t-bone” collision that often results in serious injuries or even death. Due to the lack of protection on the sides of a vehicle, an angular collision such as a “t-bone” accident often leads to serious injuries.

Aggressive Driving

Running a red light is known as aggressive driving. Aggressive driving reflects a driver’s lack of care or safety to other drivers. These types of actions often lead to severe sanctions or even criminal penalties if an accident occurs.

How to Avoid Red Light Accidents

There is no guarantee of avoiding a collision with someone running a red light. However, there are a few things you can do to decrease the odds.

Pause Before Proceeding

Before proceeding through the intersection, count to three. Pausing to wait before you move through the intersection after the light turns green could save you from a collision.

Look Before Proceeding

Before proceeding through the intersection after the light has turned green, look both ways as if you would before crossing the street.

Pay Attention to Those Around You

Many drivers become distracted with their cell phone while waiting at a stop light. Avoid temptation. Instead, pay attention to the flow of traffic. Are other drivers around you acting erratically? Is traffic heavy? What might the person next to you be thinking of doing after the light turns green? Will they cut you off to get ahead of some traffic? All of these questions are things to consider to help you avoid a collision.

Legal Assistance After a Car Crash

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