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Ammon - Dog Bite LawsAmmon dog bite injury laws relevant to the ownership and control of a dog are listed below. Please check the following link to city ordinances for any updates or changes to the laws: (; Chapter 4 Dog Control):


The keeping of any dog within the City of Ammon is hereby forbidden unless the owner, custodian, or keeper, or person harboring the dog shall procure a license from the City for such dog. This provision shall not apply to a dog under three (3) months of age, nor shall it apply to a non-resident keeping a dog within the City for no longer than sixty (60) days. In any prosecution for a violation of this section, the absence of a tag to be appended to a dog, as provided in section 5-4-5 of this Chapter, shall be prima facie evidence that the dog has not been legally licensed. Dogs kept or maintained in a commercial dog kennel need not be individually licensed but must be restricted to the premises or on leash and under control at all times. Dogs used as guides for blind persons and commonly known as “seeing eye dogs” shall be licensed and registered as other dogs herein provided for, except that the owner, custodian, or keeper of such dog shall not be required to pay any fee therefore.

(A) The City Clerk may, after ten (10) days written notice, revoke any license if the person holding the license fails or refuses to comply with any provision of this Chapter.

(B) Any person whose license is revoked shall, within ten (10) days thereafter, remove the dog from the City or humanely dispose of the dog, and no part of the license fee shall be refunded.

(C) It shall be a condition of the issuance of any dog license that any police officer or Animal Control Officer shall be permitted to inspect all dogs, at any reasonable time, and, if permission for such inspection is refused, the dog license shall be revoked.

(D) The withholding or falsification of any required information on an application shall be grounds for refusal to issue a license or for revocation of a license which has been issued.

(E) All dogs over six (6) months of age kept, harbored, or maintained by any person in the City shall be vaccinated for rabies by a licensed veterinarian. Proof of vaccination and neutering/spaying must be presented at time of licensing. Renewal of licenses shall require only documentation showing proof of current vaccinations.

Confinement and Control

(A) It shall be unlawful for a responsible party to tether a dog while outdoors, except when the following conditions are met:

  1. A tether no less than ten (10) feet in length is used in compliance with the requirements of this code.
  2. The tether is connected to the dog by a buckle-type collar or a body harness made of nylon or leather, appropriate for the size and weight of the dog. Title 5, Chapter 4 Page 4 of 11 Adopted 6-30-11
  3. The total weight of the tether does not weigh more than one-eighth (1/8) of the dog’s weight.
  4. The dog is tethered in such a manner as to prevent injury, strangulation or entanglement.
  5. The dog has access to shelter.

(B) Owners and custodians of dogs shall exercise diligence and reasonable care to restrain and confine their dogs on the owner’s or custodian’s property. Adequate restraint exists when the dog is:

  1. Enclosed within a house, building, fence, pen or other enclosure where the dog cannot climb, dig, jump or otherwise escape. Such enclosure must be securely fastened anytime the animal is left unattended.
  2. Use of invisible fencing (dog must be wearing a working collar).
  3. Tethered in compliance with this ordinance.
  4. On a leash held by a competent person.
  5. Off leash but under voice control and obedient to that person’s commands and that person is present with the dog at all times.

Primary Resides Outside

Anytime a dog is housed outdoors for a period of twelve (12) hours or more in a twenty-four (24) hour period a living area shall be provided.

An enclosure used as the primary living area where the dog regularly eats, sleeps, drinks, and eliminates shall be a minimum of one-hundred fifty (150) square feet.

Fifty (50) percent of the required space should be added for the second and each subsequent dog kept within the enclosure.

The Animal Control Officer is given discretionary authority to determine whether a dog’s living area shows a lack of minimal care such as to constitute cruel impoundment under Title 5, Criminal Code, Chapter 3, Animals.

Dogs at Large

(A) Any person who shall harbor or keep on his premises or in his control any dog which by loud and unusual barking or howling shall disturb the peace and quiet of the neighborhood or the occupants of adjacent premises shall be guilty of a misdemeanor. For the purpose of this section, any dog which excessively, continuously, or untimely barks, molests passersby, chases vehicles, habitually attacks or destroys other domestic animals, trespasses upon school grounds, or trespasses upon private property in such a manner as to damage property, shall be deemed a nuisance.

(B) It shall be unlawful for any owner, custodian, or keeper of a dog to allow said dog to be on any public street, alley, sidewalk, or any public way or public place within the City unless said dog is on a leash not exceeding eight (8) feet in length or is confined within a vehicle; provided, however, the Mayor may, upon application of any person, authorize within the City dog shows, exhibitions, and dog training courses allowing the dogs participating therein to be controlled by competent attendants. Further, the City Council Title 5, Chapter 4 Page 5 of 11 Adopted 6-30-11 may designate such areas of the City which may be used, subject to such rules and regulations as may be prescribed, for the training or exercise of dogs. Dogs within such areas so designated need not be controlled by leash, but shall be under the control of a responsible person and controlled by whistle, voice, or other effective command.

(C) It shall be unlawful for any owner, custodian, or keeper of a dog to allow said dog to run upon any property in the City without the consent of the owner or tenant in possession of said property. The fact that such dog runs at large by reason of some other person’s actions, failure to act, or by other event or circumstance shall not be a defense to prosecution under this section.

(D) Female dogs in heat are prohibited from running at large. The owner of a female dog shall cause such dog, when in season, to be penned or enclosed in such a manner as to preclude other dogs from attacking such female dog or being attracted to such female dog so as to create a public nuisance.

(E) It shall be unlawful for any person to let to a female dog any dog, except within an enclosure so arranged as to obstruct such animal completely from the view of all persons who have no proprietary interest in the breeding of such animals.


No person owning, harboring, controlling, or keeping any dog shall permit the dog to do any of the following acts:

(A) Bite or attempt to bite any person;

(B) Scatter garbage, refuse, or debris;

(C) Chase any person, vehicle, or animal;

(D) Deposit fecal material on any property not that of its owner or custodian;

(E) Bark, howl, or otherwise cause noise which disturbs or is likely to disturb the peace and quiet of any person.

Prohibited Acts

(A) No person shall keep or harbor, within the City, any vicious dog, as defined in section 5- 4-1 above.

(B) No person shall keep, harbor, or maintain a dog or dogs within the City in such a manner that the keeping of the same results in a nauseous, foul, or offensive condition. Such condition may be determined by the reasonable discretion of the Animal Control Officer.

(C) No owner or custodian of a dog shall fail to provide minimum care. In addition, it is unlawful for any person or persons to willfully and maliciously administer or cause be to administered poison of any sort whatsoever to any dog or other animal, the property of another, with the intent to injure or destroy such dog or other animal or to willfully or maliciously place any poison or poisoned food where the same is accessible to any dog or other animal. Title 5, Chapter 4 Page 6 of 11 Adopted 6-30-11

(D) No person shall beat, cruelly ill-treat, or abuse any dog or, having the right or authority to kill any dog, to kill such dog in an inhumane manner.

(E) No owner of a dog shall abandon such dog.

(F) The owner or any person having control over or charge of any animal shall be responsible for the removal of feces deposited by the animal or animals in any public place, including but not limited to sidewalks, streets, planting strips, parking lots, parks, recreational areas, or on private property not in the ownership or control of the person having control or purporting to have control over or charge of the animal or animals. Any person violating this subsection shall be guilty of an infraction and shall be subject to the penalties imposed for infraction violations.

Rabies and Quarantine

If a dog has bitten, scratched, or otherwise attacked a person, the owner of such dog or any person having knowledge of such incident shall immediately notify the police department and the health officer. The Animal Control Officer shall have authority to require the owner of any dog which has bitten any person so as to cause an abrasion of the skin, or showing of rabies, to subject such dog to impoundment at the regular daily fee, or to a practicing veterinarian for quarantine, or in an enclosure approved by an Animal Control Officer from which it cannot escape and which is not accessible to the public, and shall be kept for a minimum period of ten (10) days, and if such dog shall be determined free of rabies, the dog shall be returned to the owner. If the impoundment fee is not paid, the dog will be subject to disposal as herein provided.

Further, it shall be the duty of all practicing veterinarians to report to the health officer all cases of rabies or suspected rabies with which he comes into contact or to which his attention has been directed.

No person shall kill or cause to be killed any rabid dog, any dog suspected of having been exposed to rabies or any dog biting a human, except as herein provided, nor remove same from the City limits without written permission of the health officer.

Citation and Appearance

Any violation of the provisions of this Chapter may result in a citation issued by any duly authorized officer or Animal Control Officer. Such owner, custodian, or keeper of any dog or dogs that have been determined by the officer to have violated any provisions of this Chapter shall be subject to a written citation and such officer shall have prepared and served upon such owner, custodian, or keeper a written citation containing a notice to appear in court, the name and address of the person charged, the offense charged, the time and place when and where the offense charged occurred, and the time when the person charged shall appear in court and such other pertinent information as may be necessary or desirable. Provided further, that said owner, custodian, or keeper of such dog or dogs shall appear in court within fifteen (15) days after such citation is issued. Complaint may be filed for any violation or refusal to appear in court on any citation as in any proceeding for the violation of ordinances. It shall be unlawful for any person issued a citation to fail to appear in response to such citation as required thereby.

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