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Our personal injury law firm accident blog contains article and local stories about car accidents, motorcycle accidents, semi truck accidents, dog bites, workers compensation, wrongful death, slip and fall accidents and other personal injuries. You’ll find opinions and information about accident law from experienced and trusted attorneys who are knowledgeable about accident topics.

Idaho Falls Injury Crash from Driver Failing to Yield

Idaho State Police reported an injury crash in Idaho Falls caused by a driver failing to yield the right of way at a stop sign. The car accident occurred when a pickup truck proceeded through the intersection after stopping at a stop sign. The truck was struck by a...

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Idaho Civil Rule 45: Subpoenas

In any Court proceedings, such as a personal injury case, the  Court can issue a subpoena. A subpoena is an order for someone to attend court. Subpoenas are governed by Idaho Civil Rule 45, which states what is required for a subpoena to be effective. Next, the rule...

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Should I Hire an Attorney for An Injury Sustained at Work?

A common question after sustaining an injury at work is “Should I hire an attorney for an injury sustained at work?” The answer is yes! It is important to seek the advice of an experienced worker’s compensation attorney to know your rights and to make sure things are...

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Idaho Civil Rules 42 – 44

Sometimes in a car accident, there are multiple defendants. If all of the facts are the same in the case, then it is possible to combine different cases together into one big case. Idaho Civil Rule 42 allows the court to join together cases that involve common...

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Idaho Civil Rule 41: Dismissal of Actions

Sometimes a Court decides that a case has not been properly brought by the lawyer and needs to be dismissed. Idaho Civil Rule 41 sets forth the ways in which an action can be dismissed. First, the rule goes through how a plaintiff can dismiss an action. The plaintiff...

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Idaho Civil Rule 40: Disqualification

During a trial, an attorney may decide that a judge needs to be disqualified from the case. Idaho Civil Rule 40 describes how disqualification is handled in civil cases. Disqualification is the removal of a particular judge from a case. Rule 40 first states that each...

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How to Avoid a Head-on Semi Truck Accident

Head-on semi-truck accidents are all too common on rural Idaho roads. Just last week, Idaho State Police reported a head-on collision with a semi-truck on State Highway 34. A vehicle was attempting to pass. However, after crossing over the yellow center lane, the...

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Idaho Civil Rule 39: Trial by Jury or by the Court

During a civil case, such as a car accident or motorcycle accident, the defendant can demand a jury trial, as stated in Idaho Civil Rule 38. If a jury trial is demanded, then Idaho Civil Rule 39 states that the action must be put on the register of actions as a jury...

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